• Lyle Anthony's path to stardom began when he won Popstars, an international talent show that has launched the careers of iconic artists like Nicole Scherzinger (Edens Crush), Girls Aloud, and more. His victory marked the start of an extraordinary journey. Lyle is known for his infectious dance moves, including a fusion of Afro beats and contemporary dance styles. His electrifying stage presence leaves audiences enthralled.


  • Recognizing his immense potential, Lyle Anthony signed with EMI Records, one of the industry's leading music labels. This partnership opened the doors to a wealth of opportunities for his burgeoning career.


  • With a massive online presence, Lyle Anthony connects with fans worldwide through his engaging social media platforms. His verified Instagram account, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook pages have a combined following of over 170K, making him a social media sensation.


  • Lyle Anthony's influence transcends borders, with fans from diverse corners of the globe. His followers are predominantly aged between 25-44 and hail from countries like:
  • USA: Boasting his largest following, Lyle has made a significant impact on the American music scene.
  • SOUTH AFRICA: His roots continue to resonate with fans in his home country.
  • Lyle's music has found a passionate audience in these countries, solidifying his international appeal.

Lyle Anthony is more than just a musician; he's a versatile artist, influencer, and trailblazer. His journey from a small South African town to the global stage is a testament to his talent, determination, and the power of music to transcend borders. With a remarkable debut album and a growing global fanbase, Lyle Anthony is set to continue wowing audiences worldwide with his live performances, captivating music, and engaging social media presence. Watch out for this rising star as he continues to empower and inspire from every angle.

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